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logo design.


app design concept.


weather icons.




logo design.

I've designed logo suggestions for a finance platform called "The Market" (coming this spring https://themarket.ch/). "The Market" is going to be a digital platform with valuable information about the economy and the stock market. My logo ideas are very minimalistic and simple to show that "The Market" is a stable and reliable source in the rather hectic and confusing economic world.

I decided to use a pictural- and a wordmark. The picturalmark is a combination of the "M" from "The Market" and a rising stock price. It can be used on app icons and everywhere where the brand is already established. The wordmark itself is written in capitals and a plain font to show that everything is matter-of-fact and the content is based an a trusted fundation.

Zeichenfläche 1@2x
Zeichenfläche 4@2x
Zeichenfläche 4@45x

v2 & v3.

The second version shows what you get. The border around the text frames the compact and valuable information. Everything the costumer needs is bundled up in one place. All the noise stays outside. The capital letters reflect the strong and trustable fundation.

Version #3 shows as #1 the picturalmark inspired by the stock market, also based on the stable wordmark.

Zeichenfläche 15@45x
Zeichenfläche 16@45x
Zeichenfläche 16@45x
Zeichenfläche 17@45x
Zeichenfläche 18@45x
Zeichenfläche 19@45x


app design concept.

There is a lot of great written content spread over different blogs and websites. Why not combine it all together and make it easy for everyone to create a visual attractive written masterpiece? NOIXT is an imaginery app concept for a social media platform based on users self-written articles. I have created everthing ranging from the logo, colors and UI Elements to the app concept and architecture. The goal was a simple app that is easy to use and puts the focus on the users visual and written content. 



UI colors


UI Elements

icons & states



NOIXT is the platform where you are able to consume written content from topics you actually want to read about.

You write yourself? Perfect, use NOIXT to spread your content around the world. 


In the discovery tab you find popular articles from different authors that you don't follow yet. The content in this tab is all based on the topics you are interested in. With the navigation at the top you can easily switch between topics and quickly add new ones you like. 


news feed.

It shows the newest articles of the authors and topics you follow. Reduced to an image, a headline and a teaser text, it should remind you of a normal news website. By clicking on it, it lets you dive into the complete article. Authors are paid per view of their articles, so there are also "sponsored contents", which are technicaly ads, but different than regular annoying ads. As a result advertisers will provide articles that have to deliver interessting content in order to get read too.



In this tab you will get notified about other users interacting with you. It shows you likes, new comments on your article, other notifications, and so on.


The biography tab shows you, information about you and all your articles in chronological order. This way you can also search through all articles of your favorite author or people you just discovered.



weather icons.

Since the weather icons on nzz.ch were quite old PNG's and were hard to tell apart, I had to reduce them from 28 to 12 icons, simplify them, and make them available as SVG's so they could be used in every size.

Link: https://www.nzz.ch/wetter/wetter-heute/ 



There is a negative version, so we would be able to use these icons on a darker surface. This is not in use yet, but there are a couple cases in the future that could make use of these negative versions.


The icons are now used on the frontpage of nzz.ch and included on the different weather pages.




Since I picked up my first camera I found my passion for photography. I developed my style and my knowledge in the last 3 years. Whether I shoot for different clients or fly my drone for myself, I'm trying to capture the world through my camera lens. I edit them in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

new york.

I have captured the silhouettes and shapes New York is known for. My photos were influenced by a golden hour mood.



I have done different photoshoots for influencers, such as Nives Arrigoni. Her paticular shoot was focused on making her hair and eyes pop.



I did the product shots for the swiss nutrition brand BEASTER. The shots were inspired by the different colors of their products and designated for their website.

Link: https://beaster.ch



Exploring the secret spots of the Mayas and the infinite beaches in Tulum.



Different perspectives from the Five Lake Hike in Switzerland. Captured with my drone.


salt campaign.

Shooting for the Salt Mobile SA campaign with Salt employees. 


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